20 Facts About Me

Here's twenty facts about myself to give you a little background on me!

1. I'm the middle child. #middlechildsyndrome

2. I'm 23 years old. #90'sbaby

3. I'm originally from Reading, PA which is a little over an hour outside Philly.

4. I graduated from Temple University with a marketing degree in 2017.

5. I went to Monmouth University my freshman year of college before transferring to Temple.

6. I walked onto Monmouth's D1AA football team as a running back.

7. I was the last walk on standing when spring ball came around and earned time/carries.

8. I played club lacrosse at Temple once I transferred.

9. I have been to Disneyworld 20 times as of this past August 2018. #disneyexpert

10. I have seen pretty much every Disney movie ever released and would live in the castle year round if I could.

11. My favorite books are The Shack, The Alchemist, Embraced by the Light and The Four Agreements, however, I have a ton of others I love.

12. My favorite food is pretty much anything and everything under the sun and I love trying new foods.

13. I love to cook, feed people and experiment with new healthy recipes whenever I get the chance.

14. I drove from PA to CA over the course of a month in the beginning of 2018.

15. I ate a 2.2 lb porkchop at Perry's in Austin, TX in 12 minutes. I was the second fastest ever. #intermittentfasting

16. I am referred to as the human garbage disposal by my family since I always finish my meal and the leftovers of anyone else.

17. I had a divine dream on June 17, 2017 (17th anniversary of my mom's dad passing) that altered my entire life.

18. I contracted a rare disease in kindergarten called HSP that nearly took my life. I was a huge case study as the worst case doctors had ever seen and am in multiple medical journals.

19. I quit a corporate sales job in August 2017 to pursue my dreams of mentoring and motivationally speaking to others.

20. I have very vivid dreams and it is rare that I don't remember a dream I had the night before. I can actually recall dreams from my childhood.

I hope you enjoyed these twenty facts about me and would love to hear twenty facts about YOU!! :)



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