Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Let's start this off with a metaphor...think of yourself as a magnet & whatever thoughts you project out into the world you will then attract into your magnetic field. Question is what exactly are you projecting and therefore attracting? The law of attraction states that thoughts become things and we attract and therefore manifest what our thoughts radiate on a daily basis. Let's take a look at what you may be projecting and attracting....

Experts believe we have around 60,000 thoughts on a daily basis. What do your thoughts consist of? Are you worrying? Are you dreading a certain outcome? Are you focused solely on the negative? Well ask and you shall receive. You will manifest and receive circumstances that will cause you to worry, dread and think negatively. For example, if you are constantly dreading bills coming in the mail then sure enough you will receive bill after bill in the mail. You asked the Universe with your thoughts of dread for more bills whether you realized it or not. Hence the saying "when it rains, it pours."

Now if you're reading this worrying about your worry and what you have been attracting into your life take a deep breath...I have good news. First, the manifestation of your thoughts is not instantaneous. Therefore, those negative thoughts everyone has can be shifted to a positive thought. Even better news, a positive thought has 100x more power and influence than any negative thought does in the Universe. Woot woot! Positivity for the win! Now in order to take advantage of these positive thoughts whether it be in your finances, your relationships or your life as a whole follow the next three steps and watch success manifest!

Step 1: ASK

The first step is to clearly state what it is you exactly want to manifest into your reality. Think and write clearly what you want introduced into your life. Sit and write down in the present tense "I am so grateful now that I have manifest ________." Do you want financial stability? Ask clearly for the amount you believe will keep you financially stable. Write down clearly the amount. Set a timeline to achieve financial stability. Do you want a healthy relationship? Ask clearly for the man/woman who would provide you with a healthy relationship. Write down the characteristics of the man/woman and the relationship as a whole. Set a timeline for when you will meet this person. Do you want to live your dream? Ask clearly for what would bring you the most joy and fulfillment. Write down what you doing on a daily basis would constitute living your dream. Sit in a quiet room for 10 minutes alone....think/visualize about your what dream life would look....how it would feel. Most importantly, you must ask sincerely for whatever it is you truly want. It is one thing to simply state what you want, however it is entirely different when you TRULY want something that will bring true difference into your life. The first step to your success is to ASK.


The second step involves one of my favorite concepts and that is to simply believe. To believe in the manifestation of things not yet seen. To have an unwavering faith. In order to manifest what it is you have asked for in the first step....YOU MUST BELIEVE IT IS ALREADY YOURS. YOU MUST AFFIRM IT INTO EXISTENCE. YOU MUST VISUALIZE IT. DO NOT CONCERN YOURSELF WITH THE HOW. THE HOW IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Did you ask for financial stability? Fantastic then BELIEVE you already have acquired that very stability. Think of yourself as a financially stable individual. Make decisions from a place of abundance and not scarcity. Act as though you have more than enough and that anymore would simply be a cherry on top. If an idea of inspiration pops into your head then act immediately with the belief it WILL work. I KNOW this will work out. I KNOW I will become financially stable. I KNOW I will live my dream life. I KNOW ________. This is the step that will make or break most people. It is one thing to believe for a day. It is another thing entirely to believe for months. As I said earlier, the manifestation is not instantaneous. However, that DOES NOT mean it will not manifest. DOUBT will prevent the manifestation from taking place. Remove doubt. The stronger your belief is in the manifestation....the faster the Universe will work in your favor. Believe with an unwavering faith and you will attract exactly what you want to manifest. The second step to your success is to BELIEVE.


The third and final step is to receive your manifestation. Emit the feelings of receiving a gift. Feelings of....Joy. Happiness. Gratitude. Abundance. By emitting these feelings you are placing yourself on the frequency in which you will receive. This is the step that you shall receive whatever it is you asked for and believed in. If you asked for and believed in financial security then you shall receive financial security. If you asked for and believed in a healthy relationship then you shall receive a healthy relationship. If you asked for and believed in your dream life then you shall receive your dream life. This is the step that you manifest a new reality. This is the step that affirms the power of the law of attraction. This is the step that will change the game. The third and final step is to RECEIVE.

There you have it people. The 3 step creative process that will manifest success into your life. ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE. My current life and Sola Fide are manifestations from the law of attraction. Thoughts become things. My greatest thought is that I WILL change this world for the better. I ASK for it on a daily basis. I BELIEVE in it on a daily basis. I will RECEIVE it sooner rather than later. Give it a try yourself. Ask me how I use the law on a daily basis. ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE. Manifest your dreams my friends. :)



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