Earliest Childhood Memory

My earliest childhood memory is the "aquarium" I envisioned in my backyard.

You see as children we have some pretty incredible imaginations and see so much more than meets the eye. We have not had the limitations of adults placed on our beautiful young minds just yet. We can see, say and do pretty much anything within reason without repercussion or being called crazy. With no limitations, repercussions or fear of judgement our imaginations can run wild creating some the most brilliant fantasies. I reveled in my ability to create with my imagination and continue to create with that very same child-like imagination today. Now back to young Jack's amazing aquatic fantasy.

I remember the most beautiful and intricate aquarium in my backyard that housed every form of marine life imaginable. I had fish of every color, shape and size swimming in massive schools that looked like they were being orchestrated to the same symphony. I had sharks, dolphins and whales all swimming and playing together harmoniously. Sharks that were not vicious but gentle. Dolphins that could leap out of the water like a rocket blasting off. Whales whose mighty tail would create mini tsunamis in the water but brought no destruction. Fellow whales and even the sharks and dolphins would ride these massive waves for pure joy. I had sea turtles, rays and seals gliding through the water effortlessly as if the water was merely an illusion. Turtles and rays that flew amongst the pool with absolute grace. Seals that wove in and out of the gliding wings of the turtles and rays. I had endless acres of coral reef that housed crabs, eels, sea horses, sea stars, anemone and multitudes of marine vegetation. Oh and the water itself was a masterpiece. It had every shade and hue of blue imaginable. It sparkled and shimmered. It seemed to hug each animal with a loving embrace. It was so clear that had it not been for its motion you may have thought the animals were merely floating in their respective tank. Even thes tanks were not your average, ordinary aquatic tank. Oh no. They were absolutely massive and astonishing in size. It felt as though somehow these tanks could house the entire ocean within them. A mighty fortress of beauty. A glorious world teeming with life.

I would sit in my backyard each day and gaze out at my piece of heaven on Earth. I had created before my very eyes the greatest aquarium known to man. I loved this aquarium so very much and was not shy whatsoever sharing what I saw with family and friends. I even began to sell tickets to this aquarium to whoever seemed interested in visiting the angelic aquatic landscape. I eventually invited a childhood crush over to see my magnificent marine life to impress her. Ah young love. Unfortunately, the "first date" didn't go so hot due to a bee that had other plans for myself and her that day. Mr. Bee decided her arm was quite threatening and stung her smack on the arm. She would end up crying because of the sting which led to my calm, cool and collected strategy of joining her in tears. Oh well you win some and you lose some.

There was not a soul on Earth who could have convinced young Jack that what I saw and created was not real. The aquarium was as real to me as is the phone or computer screen you are reading this on is to you. And boy oh boy was it magnificent.



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